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      Hydroponics for the home [1]
      Hydroponic home-based vegetable production system manual [1]
      Hurricane Ivan farmer relief programme [1]
      Huracán Mitch: propuesta de proyectos regionales para la rehabilitación y reconstrucción del sector agropecuario centroamericano [1]
      Huracán Mitch: efectos sobre el sector agropecuario centroamericano y acciones para la recuperación, versión preliminar para discusión [1]
      Hunger and nutrition from belly-full to body-fuel [1]
      Humanistic Rural Development. A Projection: 1981 report [1]
      Humanistic Rural Development : A Projection [1]
      Human Resources; agricultural engineers, forestry engineers, veterinarians and zootechnicians Operating in the South American Humid Tropics [1]
      Human Capital for agricultural development in latin America [1]
      El hule [1]
      Huila unido por los colegios agropecuarios [1]
      How to organize rural youth in extension [1]
      How to measure sustainability? An approach for agriculture and natural resources. [1]
      How to choose and negotiate with an intermediary in another country [1]
      How to calculate export costs for agricultural products: no.6. [1]
      How to calculate export costs for agricultural products [1]
      How do we create the requisite institutional framework and public policies to develop the bioeconomy in LAC? [1]
      Horseflies of the Guyanas: biology, veterinary significance and control methods [1]
      Honoring commitments. The first four years of the Villalobos. Administration Towards competitive, innovative and the sustainable agriculture in the Americas. January 2010 - january 2014. [1]