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Res 525.pdf.jpg2010525 - Deadline for distribution of the working documents for the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Inter-American Board of AgricultureExecutive Committee (EC)
Res 526.pdf.jpg2010526 - Amendments to the Regulations for conferring Inter-American Awards in the Rural SectorExecutive Committee (EC)
Res 506.pdf.jpg2009506 - Bylaws of the Inter-american Commission for Organic Agriculture (ICOA)Executive Committee (EC)
Res 507.pdf.jpg2009507 - Amendment of the statute of the Special Advisory Commission on Management IssuesExecutive Committee (EC)
Res 460.pdf.jpg2009460 - 2008-2009 Inter-American Awards in the rural sectorInter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA)
I-RES 456 Salary DG.pdf.jpg2006456 - System for Determining and Reviewing the Salary of the Director GeneralExecutive Committee (EC)
I-RES 454 Staff Rules.pdf.jpg2006454 - Amendments to the Staff Rules Concerning the Annual Disclosure Statement and Leaves of Absence for TrainingExecutive Committee (EC)
I-RES 455 Articles.pdf.jpg2006455 - Amendments to Articles 73, 96 and 97 of the Rules of Procedure of the Executive Committee and Articles 65, 87 y 88 of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA)Executive Committee (EC)
I-RES418 Modernizacion Gestion RRHH.pdf.jpg2004418 - Modernization of Human Resources Management at IICAExecutive Committee (EC)
I-RES420 Fortalec Sistemas Informacion Gestion Interna.pdf.jpg2004420 - Strengthening of Internal Communication Mechanisms for ManagementExecutive Committee (EC)
I-RES421 Articulo 73 Reglam DG y Norma Reg Financiero.pdf.jpg2004421 - Amendment to Article 73 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Directorate and Rule 2.1(B) of the Finan-cial RulesExecutive Committee (EC)
I-Res 419.pdf.jpg2004419 - Amendments to the Staff Rules and to the System for the Determination of Remuneration of IICA PersonnelExecutive Committee (EC)
I-Res407 Pueblos Indigenas-Ven.pdf.jpg2003407 - Strengthening IICA cooperation for the sustainable development of agriculture, the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity in communities inhabited by the indigenous peoples of the hemisphereExecutive Committee (EC)
I-RES.400 modificacion reglamentos.pdf.jpg2003400 - Modifications of the Financial Rules and the Rules of Procedure of the General Directorate on Miscellaneous IncomeExecutive Committee (EC)
I-RES.399 Emerito.pdf.jpg2003399 - Title of EmeritusExecutive Committee (EC)
I-Res400.pdf.jpg2003400 - Modifications of the Financial Rules and the Rules of Procedure of the General Directorate on Miscellaneous IncomeInter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA)
I-RES.398 Personal Asociado.pdf.jpg2003398 - Associate PersonnelExecutive Committee (EC)
I-Res401.pdf.jpg2003401 - Associate PersonnelInter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA)
I-RES.401 Sistema ERP.pdf.jpg2003401 - Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP)Executive Committee (EC)
I-Res378.pdf.jpg2002378 - Official Languages at the Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee (EC)