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2019Report of the Thirty-ninth Regular Meeting of the Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee (EC)
2018Report of the Thirty-eighth Regular Meeting of the Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-676) Provisional scheduleExecutive Committee (EC)
2018Joint report on the status of strengthened cooperation between IICA and FAOExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-680a) Statement of quotas of the member States as of July 15Executive Committee (EC)
20182016-2017 Report of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)Executive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-682) Twenty-fourth Report of the Audit Review Committee (ARC)Executive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-680) Status of the collection of quota contributionsExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-684) Report of the 2018 Regular Meeting of the Special Advisory Commission on Management Issues (SACMI)Executive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-681) 2017 Financial Statements of IICA and Report of the External AuditorsExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-686) Status of the resolutions of the Nineteenth Regular Meeting of the Inter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA)Executive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-680b) Statement of uncollected quotas by country and by year as of July 15Executive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-677) Provisional AgendaExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(ID-03) Reports of CATIE presented to the Governing CouncilExecutive Committee (EC)
2018XXXVIII Regular Meeting of the Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-678) 2018-2022 Medium-term Plan ProposalExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(ID-02) Progress Report of the Market Information Organization of the Americas (MIOA) to the Executive Committee of IICAExecutive Committee (EC)
2018Report on the results of the IICA-CATIE program of joint actionExecutive Committee (EC)
2018(ID-01) 2017 Report of the Inter-American Commission on Organic Agriculture (ICOA)Executive Committee (EC)
2018(WD-679) 2019 Program BudgetExecutive Committee (EC)