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      Rutas Alimentarias [1]
      La ruta critica en la programación de proyectos de desarrollo rural y reforma agraria [1]
      Ruralidade, territoriliadade e desenvolvimento sustentável : Visão do território na América Latina e no Caribe [1]
      Ruralidad, territorialidad y desarrollo sostenible: visión del territorio en América Latina y el Caribe [1]
      Rural workers organization support: a methodological proposal [1]
      Rural women´s survey [1]
      Rural women: an annotated Caribbean bibliography with special reference to Jamaica [1]
      Rural women, micro-enterprises and credit: how to prepare for a successsful?. A self-learning guide. [1]
      Rural women, micro-enterprises and credit. How to prepare for a successful business; a self-learning guide [1]
      Rural women food producers in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: hemispheric review. [1]
      Rural women and the changes occured in agricultural production: case studies in Latin America [1]
      Rural woman. [1]
      Rural woman [1]
      Rural territories and family farming are fundamental in the achievement of sustainable and inclusive development [1]
      Rural poverty in Jamaica: a reference bibliography [1]
      Rural development in Latin America An evaluation and a proposal [1]
      Rural development for small farmers in the Andean region through diversification of production activities for new markets [1]
      Rural development and agrarian reform: situation and perspectives in the Central American Isthmus and the Dominican Republic [1]
      Rural connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean. A bridge for sustainable development in a time of pandemic [1]
      Rural agro-industry. A current approach to the challenges faced. [1]